Our Clients

Our Clients
Wentworth College is proud that our approach, commitment, service level and training outcomes has led to many long term engagements, and that we are the preferred training partner to many Community Service Providers and Residential Aged Care Homes in NSW and Victoria.

Our “business” clients include Community Services and Healthcare providers such as disability services, mental health support services, residential aged care services, in-home care, and management.

Wentworth College works closely with these clients to provide training via our standard curriculum or to develop custom courses, refresher classes and training programs. Close consultation ensures we provides students with not just the right qualification but also the necessary aptitude, attitude, communication & interpersonal skills to be valuable and sought after employees.

This commitment to industry & students creates a higher standard for Wentworth College graduates – a standard that is recognized in the industry and reflected by our long-term relationships with our clients and the positive feedback we receive from graduates.

If you would like copies of relevant references and case studies, please contact Director Nathan Ungar on 1300 138 792 or by emailing nathan@wentworth-college.com